Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Carnitas, an egg farm and 100 miles

The next day we were up and on the road by 9am. We had about 100 miles to cover and it was a struggle. My legs were stiff and sore and I tried to ride Del’s back wheel for most of the day. We pushed through a town with amenities and rolled the dice on our lunch stop. We ended up at a Mexican grocery store with three option: food that required a full kitchen, fried pork parts, or beverages loaded with sugar. Just as we were feeling defeated we realized that they had Carnitas cooked and ready to eat. We snagged a pound of meat, some homemade corn tortillas and a can of black beans sat down on the sidewalk to feast. Jake and Delaware 1, Starvation 0. Back on the road we ran into a couple on a tandem that had come from San Diego and stopped to talk and stretch for a few minutes. We struggled through the remaining miles and ended up in Monticello, FL, where we were trying to reach our host for the night. We had been calling all day but our phone said the network was unavailable. We eventually realized that we had the area code written down backwards and we finally we reached our host’s answering machine. We had no place to stay, the sun was setting and we were spent, so we did the logical thing. We went to Pizza Hut (thanks Aunt Jennifer)! When we finished it was dark and we called Danny and Jess to try to get direction to the place we were staying for the night (Big up to both of you for your help). The headlamps went on and we battled our way up a monster hill to farm. When Diane made it home we were chilling out on the padded seats of her golf cart. Diane is an administrative attorney and she lives with her partner on an egg and goat farm. Her partner Maria used to ride a lot before she developed MS, and now she hosts touring cyclists to get her cycling fix. We had a shower, some great conversation and enjoyed an episode of iron chef America before calling it a night.

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