Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hills. More hills. Even more hills. Subway. Dead tired and looking for a campsite within a few miles, we started making calls. The first call had tent camping for $7.60, and they had space. The site also had electric and water, as well as a shower house. The best part was we could have hit it with a tennis ball from Subway. We pedaled in and dropped the bikes off at the site. We walked a few blocks and bought some beer and headed down to dip our feet in the Chattacochee! On our side of the river it is Eastern time zone, but across the bridge we enter central time zone. Life is good.

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  1. as a mathematician, I would encourage you to count cans, bottles, and ounces of beer you consume along the way -- and develop associated metrics of same, per mile traveled. maybe you can occupy your mind while cycling by updating, in your head, the consumption rates every few miles? Or, I guess you could waste the time in deeper thoughts, enjoyment of the world surrounding you, conversation, etc. Your call, choose wisely!