Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The sun had warmed things up pretty nicely after McDonalds and we continued on our way. Just a few miles in we found the entrance to a really great bike trail that we rode all the way to Gainesville. The trail was probably 10 or 12 feet wide and after making a turn we saw a huge snake laying across the trail with only about six inches clearance on each side. We had been riding side by side and we were both caught off guard when we saw the snake. I was shaking my handlebars trying to decide which way to go. Just as my mind was flashing to Indiana Jones getting attacked by a huge king cobra, I realized that I was on the right side, which was the tail side. I sped past in the small gap and heard a thump and some rattling as Delaware took a detour into the ditch realizing he had the head side of the trail. He was instantly back on the paved trail and we continued on our way. Now when we hear a noise on the side of the road we can worry about snakes as well as alligators and rabid dogs. In Gainesville we rode past a Sam's Club sign and I asked Delaware if he still had a membership. As it turned out he has a business membership, so we cruised through and tried every sample in the place two or three times. We rode 83 miles into a camp site and called it a night. With plenty of daylight and little energy we were kicking ourselves for not picking up a six pack before heading to camp.

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