Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wet tents, bad Wi-Fi and a bra salesman

We awoke to damp tents and we had to wait for them to dry. We had a short day of 70 miles planned, but the legs felt good and the winds were at our backs so we cruised on 88 miles for the day. It was getting near dark and we stopped at our second McDonalds for the day trying to get online. The Wi-Fi actually worked this time and we were able to check our email. There was supposed to be a campsite 5 miles down the road, but the number was no longer in service. We searched for close campsites and realized that the closets one was 15 miles away and we only had about 45 minutes of light left. We quickly packed up and strapped on the headlamps. This was familiar territory for Del and me. We are always running behind and in our climbing epics we became very comfortable with headlamp travel. We jumped on the bikes and rode a few miles until, much to our surprise; we saw the original campsite with the bad phone number and pulled in. The owners were out of town, but we met a guy Bob that had been there awhile and he told us to throw a few bucks in the honor box and call it good. Bob used to be a bra salesman in Colorado and Arizona before he retired to travel the great outdoors. He had seen it all, the US, Europe, and South America. We had a good talk, a shower and hit the sack.

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  1. as a retired bra salesman, perhaps his 'seen it all' includes more than just land masses. glad you found the closer camp site! godspeed, you two.