Friday, May 21, 2010

California sunshine

The weather was great when we woke up and we split some banana bread and bagels for breakfast, packed up camp and were riding west around 6:30. Del is feeling better and we rode really well as a team today. We swapped turns in the lead and in two hours we we 40 miles into the day. We eased it up a bit a cruised into a McDonalds for lunch. A few dollar menu items and a ton of refills of powerade from the sofa fountain and we were feeling good again. By this time the sun was scorching and the headwinds were picking up, which was nice because they cool things down a bit. We were burning alive when we hit the bridge over the colorado river and the water looked great. We had been riding on I-10 but we had to get off to cross the river because bikes are not allowed. Riding on the interstate is both nice and scary. The trucks are hauling, but the shoulders are huge. The profession truck drivers are not the ones to worry about, but the motorhome retirees are the guys to lookout for. There are way less rvs on the interstate, but this stretch had a dirty shoulder littered with glass and tires. I got a flat from a nail, but quickly patched it up and continued. After crossing the river we found a campground and chased the shade. The campground is right on the river and we are heading down to take a dip. Oh yeah, if you didn't know, the Colorado river is the border to California, so we are on our last state! That's all for now, I want to take this all in...

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