Friday, May 7, 2010

Toothbrushes and new bikes

The next morning we ate breakfast at a grocery store in del rio. I was flossing and brushing my teeth in the bathroom when I realized none of the guys were washing their hands after using the toilet. I thought man that is gross and then I realized that I was flossing in a grocery store bathroom. So I guess that makes me the dirty, weird, maybe homeless guy that you want to avoid so badly that you skip washing you hands after a trip to the toilet.
The new bike felt awesome and I am so happy my dad came through and helped me out. The bike is way heavier, has tires that are over twice as big as my old bike and doesn't have sti shifters, but I am still faster on the new bike. I was crushing the hills and didn't even feel like I was working. We camped in a tiny town called Langtry and toured the judge Roy Bean exhibit(he was a crazy wild west outlaw that became a judge). Del and I headed the only business in Town, a really small gas station. We ate the biggest double cheeseburgers I have ever seen and drank about four cold bottled drinks from ice tea to v8. We camped at the community center and as luck would have it we were just in time for a free meal at the once a month town budget meeting. We drank all their iced tea and thanked them all before heading to bed. The soil was too rocky to stake the tents and the gale force winds contributed to a rough night.
We were up and on the road before 6am and rose in the pitch black for a bit before the sun finally came up. We lucked out with a tailwind and cloud cover for most of the day. We were done riding before noon and drank four or five gallons of iced tea at a cool cafe in Sanderson, tx. With a new bike and rested legs I feel unstoppable on the hills, which is a good thing because we have some big climbs the next few days.

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