Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nearly there

I left Phoenix feeling rested and ready to ride. We moved a bit slow getting out of the suburbs and back onto a rural highway, but the riding felt easy and it was not too hot yet. We stopped in the last suburb to grab a few extra tubes, because everything is sharp out here and I have had a thorn and a shard of glass pop a tire in the last few days. I bought some thorn proof tubes that are ten times as thick as a regular tube and we were on our way. The riding was slightly uphill and the heat was around 100 degrees, but our bodies have become machines. Most of the time I don't even think of pedalling at all anymore and my legs never get tired, the only reason we stop is for cold fluids. Hills no longer matter and headwinds have no effect on a machine. Today we rode 86 miles and I would have easily signed on for another 86 but we found a campground with horse shoe pits and stopped for the day. We decided to cut another day out of our schedule and up our daily miles to the coast. My friend Xavier sent me an email that he lives near San Diego and I am really hoping to see him and meet his wife. Xman and I were good buddies in college and I haven't seen him for years, since he moved from Colorado. We also decided we are going to take a few surfing lessons in California, so that also motivates us to move a bit faster. I feel like my body wants more riding than it is getting and I think I want to try to ride 200 miles one day when I get back home. The desert is hot, but we are getting used to it and we only have one more hot day in the forcast. We are eating less food, so maybe our bodies have adapted or maybe it is the heat. Anyway life is good on the road and I am already filling my head with ideas for the next crazy adventure, so stay tuned...

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