Saturday, May 1, 2010

God bless america and Texas

Today we said goodbye to Todd andstarted riding. Today I ate two full breakfast meals at a local Mexican restaurant, a ton if honey, a large container of blackberry cobbler ice cream, a few granola bars, a protein shake, Gatorade, pizza buffet, v8, strawberries and whole milk. We made it to a bike shop and got some quick maintainace done before they closed. Outside the shop a retired school teacher/carpenter started talking to us and offered a place to stay at his guest house. Of course we took him up on it and he drove us a few blocks to a beautiful craftsman style house he build by himself and gave us the key, shook our hands and wished us luck. we went in and the place is some cool, it looks like a house staged for a magazine. The interior is amazingly decorated in a really hip country style and the craftsmanship is much higher than any of the houses I have ever seen being built. He even built a cedar strip canoe that hangs from the front deck. When it rains it pours and it is raining sunshine now! Other updates I gigot to mention...I had poison ivy all over but it is gone today! I also sent my computer, iPod, and camera home and got an iPhone when my phone died. Updates should be daily now. Pictures to come, but I am still figuring out the iPhone. And a special hello to my nephew Matt jr. I heard you were sick, and if you read this I hope you are feeling better.

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