Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can you tack on a bike?

So we are still in TX and getting creamed by headwinds. There have been severe wind warnings where we are for the last three days. Today has 20mph winds and we are riding straight into them. We have been talking a lot about sailing the last few days and I am wishing we could tack our way west instead of heading straight in. Note to anyone planning a bike tour, consider riding with the wind every day and just see where you end up. In other news I realized that I won't have any crazy ideas left after this trip so I threw out the idea of sailing to Hawaii. Del quickly suggested sailing from Miami to San Diego, but then we decided that we might get labelled as those weird guys that travel from FL to CA a bunch of different ways, so we settled on San Diego to Miami! Now we just need to learn how to sail...oh and a boat.

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  1. Jake, my grandfather once got on a wind-powered only boat in New Zealand and made it to somewhere in the east coast of the US (I forget where)...around South America. I think it was a 4 man crew? or maybe 8? I should've looked up all the details before commenting. Either way he's got some really impressive stories and I've got some of his old photos. He's way cooler than I am.
    p.s. Also, I'm super impressed you and Del are doing this!