Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eureka, gatorade formula 1

With an early finish in Safford, we had plenty of time to eat a huge dinner at Golden Corral, which was not great but there was plenty of food. After eating dinner we bought some brakfast food for the morning, including gatorade formula 1. So the whole trip we have been drinking normal gatorade, which has the label formula 2 on it. The label advertises three formulas, one for before workout, two for during, and three for after workouts. Del and I had never seen anything other than formula 2 and I was sure that formulas 1 and 2 were actually just an inside joke from the marketing guys at gatorade. Finally we found all three in the same savers grocery store. The next morning we were up at 5am and one the bikes by 6am. The Gatorade formula 1 didn't seem to do anything, but at least we know it is out there. We rode a bunch of uphill and grinded our way through a few major climbs and then got really scared going down the other side. We were right around a hundred miles for the day and we were ripping down the steep grade at over 30mph. The shoulder was really small and the trucks were plentiful. The descent required full concentration and total confidence in our bicycles, thank goodness for my new bike. Constatly getting buzzed by semis was not fun and just as I was thinking that things could not possibly get any scarier, we saw a tunnel ahead. Oh sweet a tunnel without lights and I am wearing sunglasses, I guess i will just take them off right? Wrong, I was doing 35mph and the shoulder just ended. I could not see a thing in the tunnel and the winds were incredibly strong, but I could still hear the 18 wheeler behind me and I could see the lights of the cars whizzing past in the uncoming lane of the tunnel. Guided by the force, we both made it through alive. Then the descent got really steep and the shoulder came back, but was only 18inches wide. Air horns were the norm as out of control truck drivers nearly killed us while passing. With shattered nerves we exited into Superior, AZ and called it a day. We ate some cold pinto beans and tomatoes before heading to sleep.
Pictures from the trip.

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  1. well, if I ever do such a trip, I'll pack my bike in a rental car to bypass that crap!! So glad you two are alive!