Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goodbye Texas, hello New Mexico!

Texas really is as big as it seems and TX has been very good to us on this trip. We have met great people, rode past brilliant views, encountered gale force winds and possibly suffered from food poisening, that sounds like a recipe for a good adventue if you ask me. All things must end and Texas is no exception. Texas was huge, but we have been here too long. Yesterday we fought headwinds with gusts up to 40mph and we still managed to ride almost 80miles. Today we pedal the remaining 30 miles of Texas and continue into New Mexico, having completed the mental crux of the ride. We have around 950 miles remaining on our cycling adventure and I seem to be hitting the stage of the journey where I realize that it will all be over soon, which is both exciting and sad. But all things must end and like the westbound roads of TX our trip will run out too. But just as a new adventure awaits in New Mexico our lives will begin a new phase after the trip. Well the sun is shining, the winds are light and the pacific doesn't get any closer when I type these entries on my phone's miniature keyboard, so that is all for now, I am getting on my bike!

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