Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is my new bike a time machine?

Fact, last night I probably ate two pounds of ground beef. Frito pie $3.00. What is a frito pie? Who cares I'm starving and it is only $3.00. Well frito pie turned out to be a pound of taco meat and a bowl of fritos. A good warm up for chicken fried steak right? Wrong. Very wrong. I spent the night rolling in my tent sweating, sure I had been poisened. To make it worse my tent was ten feet from a busy highway and trucks were whizzing by all night. I ended up wrapping a shirt around my head to cover my ears and tried to sleep.
In the morning del also felt as if he was fighting the urge to hurl all night. We met a cyclist in town that was headed our way so we rode with her and enjoyed a slow pace and a short 55 mile ride. We arrived in Marathon and Allie ran out of the cafe she worked at and told us to head to the place she lived and make ourselves at home. None of us had ever met or contacted Allie, but we headed to the compound she lived on. The place was a time warp to the 1960s and the hippies are alive and well. There are tons of adobe buildings and weird structures with all kinds of experiments on sustainable living. Solar showers, recycled water systems, solar hot tub and did I mention tons of hippies. But for now I have to go because there is beer to be drank and an in depth conversation about ufos that I am missing out on. I might spin a yarn about getting abducted by aliens and how the taught me how to grow organic produce in space... This is going to be fun.

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